The Dean of Dogs

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The Dean's Story


My name is Dean. I grew up in Minnesota in a family of huge animal lovers - a Chihuahua, a beagle, a black Lab and a yellow Lab - one of which was a National Field Champion (my dad gets the credit for that). We also had cats, a big fish aquarium, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, frogs, toads, salamanders and even a raccoon before releasing him into the wild. 

For the past 25 years I've made my home in Miami (with a few years in NYC). I’ve been a dedicated dog dad for most of my adult life and have had two amazing boxers, Butch for 11 years and then Buster for 9 years. 

After Buster passed away, all of my dog friends came to me when they needed someone to take care of their pooch. And then word got out  ...  and soon after my friends' dog mom and dad friends came to me  ...  so by popular demand I decided to make it official and created The Dean of Dogs.

I love dogs. And I love the outdoors. I'm always walking around exploring my neighborhood in the Edgewater part of Miami or or walking or biking across the Venetian Causeway to South Beach. 

I’m dedicated, reliable and trustworthy and will treat (and spoil!) your dog like I would my own.