The Dean of Dogs


Dog Walking + Dog Sitting


Having a dog shouldn’t be a worry if you’re stuck at the office or on I-95 or your car breaks down or your flight is delayed. I’ll bounce over to your home and give your dog what he/she needs with some extra cuddles, rubs and scratches too. 

Like us humans, dogs need playtime to help them relax, socialize and unwind. I’ll come over to your home and give your dog all the tug of war, ball throwing, (or whatever they’re into) they can handle!


15 Minute Walk: $15.00

-- stretch the legs and do the business

30 Minute Walk: $20.00

-- the above plus more time to sniff around   

60 Minute Walk: $35.00

-- all of the above and a lot more time to play!

Each additional dog from the same household is $5.00


Who doesn’t love a sleep over?! I dog sit all the time and would welcome your dog in my home. Or I'm happy to go to your place for an extra nominal fee. Me and your pooch will explore your neighborhood's sidewalks and parks and probably discover some places you haven't been. My place or yours? 

My condo on Biscayne Bay is super clean and tidy, and it's next to a huge park. I have plenty of space for your dog's bed (unless he/she prefers to sleep with me -- that’s OK too!) I telecommute, so I'm home most of the day -- your dog would hardly ever be alone. Mi casa es la casa de tu perro!

My Place: The fee is $60.00 a night.

Your Place: The fee is $75.00 a night*, with no minimum stay (I'm okay with a one-night stand) and there is no extra charge for weekends or holidays.

* A night away is checking into your home by 4 pm and leaving at noon-ish the next day. I'll be there for dinner and a walk, another walk before bed, a morning walk and breakfast and quick pee pee before heading out.

2019-20 Dog Sitting Dates Already Booked:


Oct 24th - Oct 29th

Oct 30th - Oct 31st

Nov 15th - Nov 18th 

Nov 24th – Nov 28th 

Nov 29th - Dec 2nd 


Jan 18th - Jan 25th

Nov 4th - Nov 25th


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